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Category: introductory

Your Nibling Knows the Logic of Possibilities: Visualizing the Modal Fallacy

Posted in freedom, introductory, logic, math, and philosophy

Description: We can solve problems that arise when thinking about what is and isn’t possible. To do so, we need to learn how to visualize the logic of possibilities.

Estimated reading time: 8:34 (238 wpm)
Estimated reading time range: 5:58 (134 wpm) to 15:13 (342 wpm)

cw: allusion to suicidal ideation near the beginning, discussion of notorious documented history and institutional racism

Your Nibling Knows Logic: Introduction

Posted in counterfactuals, freedom, introductory, logic, math, philosophy, and reasons

I made this series (and this blog) with a set of goals.

– To give people the logical tools they need to deal with very common problems.

– To resist pessimism about people’s ability to deal with those problems.

– To generalize from what most of us already know to help deal with those common problems.

– To enter into the Summer of Math Exposition 1 (SoME1) competition.